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Providing technology support for the Denver Metro Area since 2004, Small Office Solutions partners with you to take care of all of your technology related needs. We specialize in Windows Server technology and firewall appliances in order to secure your network while optimizing performance. We also support a large number of third party applications like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Act and many more. Maintaining your network allows your users to achieve more productivity which directly impacts your bottom line.

Keeping your users up and running efficiently is a primary concern here at SOS. We provide both on-site and remote support to meet any technology needs that may arise. Our customer ticket system allows any of our clients to submit support requests labeled with a priority status. We are committed to a prompt response and resolution to any client request or issue that may arise.

Power and Internet outages are unfortunately a reality in todayís world, however, SOS can help to develop a plan that both protects your important data and keeps your systems running with minimal downtime. Scheduled disaster recovery scenarios ensure that your business is prepared for any unexpected circumstance. Updates and system patching are also crucial to protect your network and systems from potential viruses or hacking attacks. These preventative maintenance measures protect you in case of any local or systemic failure.

Customer service and technological expertise are our top priority at SOS. We look forward to becoming a partner of yours and helping you succeed in your goals without having to worry about technology holding you back.